About the Illustrator

            Cody Owl sm

   Cody Chancellor is a true international artist. Starting with Scandanavian heritage, he was born in Australia, grew up in California, and currently lives on the Sunshine Coast in Canada. His art spans the digital divide by starting with traditional mediums of ink and paint, then bringing them into the computer for implementation. The eBook format is exciting for Cody with its interactive, animated, and connected capacity. It’s a natural fit for his wild imagination, natural artistic talent, and his professional experience in film, games and traditional books. He has a deeply intuitive and compassionate process of manifesting people’s dreams through his art. Getting to know the characters in this story has been a thrill and he is looking forward to the next episodes. This is his second eBook title available, but there are several others nearing completion, and many more to come! You can see more of his art at his website;

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