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Hi There! Cheri Jensen here, wife and mother, who raised two wonderful sons, and currently living on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. The idea for Paintball came after the loss of my youngest son, Jason, who passed away at the age of 17, a few days after complications from a car accident in 2003. 

A few months before the accident that took Jay away from us, he and I had been having breakfast at my home with his best friend, Daniel. I suddenly told the boys that if something ever happened to me that would cause MY passing, Jay was to go down to the local pet store that he and I would go to often, where we played with the animals and birds. I said I believed in a continuance after death, of some sort, and that I would try and come back as a parrot (talking ability of course!) and that Jay could come find me and bring me home, to continue our life and adventures together.

Well, both of them laughed hysterically! I think I caught Jay in mid gulp of his glass of milk, which spurted back out thru his nose, he was laughing so hard. I was serious and these guys thought I was nuts! I told Jay the code word to know it was me at the pet store was “Paintball”, as we both had enjoyed the game together on the weekends for years. “Mother and Son war-games with paint…..gotta love it!”

As fate would have it, we lost him a few months after that breakfast conversation. In the natural order of things, it should have been me. However, as many of us know, life is not fair, and these things happen.

So, in the last few years, I began tossing about the idea of bringing my original thought to life, in a wonderful attempt to keep his memory and our life together, alive. Hence, Paintball, the feisty little parrot that is the reincarnation of me, and what would have happened, if I had gone before him.

I am lucky enough to have found Cody Chancellor, who has magically been able to bring our characters to life and share in my dream. Thanks Cody!

I hope you enjoy the adventures of Jay and Paintball, as much as I enjoy writing them in his memory!

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