A Bit About Jay

A Bit About My Jay!  Jaygrad

Jason Drew (Jay) was a 17 year old 6’5” 225 pound, stocky teenager. He had sandy blonde hair, blue/green eyes, and fair skin with freckles across his nose. His arms were longer than normal, so nothing fit him down to his wrists…..the proverbial “Missing Link”. He had large feet (size 16), so it was like having Bozo the Clown shoes in my hall entrance way. He had a bit of a slump to his broad shoulders, due to having to duck a lot, since he was so tall. He usually was a quiet, kind, shy kid, but with a very high IQ, and well liked among his friends. He talked, people would listen.

Jay loved animals, ANY animals! He would see a bird or an insect and know exactly what breed, or species it was….a walking encyclopedia of nature.

Jay also loved playing video games, like most kids these days. When he was 8 years old, his grandmother took him on a tour of the Electronic Arts (EA) office in Vancouver BC. He came home and said, “Mom, I know EXACTLY what I want to do when I grow up. I want to lay around on sofas all day in my jeans, and make tons of money, making and playing video games!!” I asked him where do I sign up ??

Jay also loved playing Paintball with me on the weekends. We ended up moving on to the next level of play, called Airsoft. (due to the wet paintballs sticking in my long hair….ugh) It was a bit more intense, we wore camouflage gear, and the Airsoft equipment we played with was more sophisticated. My brother in the US used to tease us about what they call it down there…….Militia, only with plastic BBs. It was a fun and healthy outdoor sport and we enjoyed it for years!

Jay started getting interested in cars, in his middle teens, and this led to less time together on the Paintball/Airsoft field, and more time out with his friends driving around, much like most typical teens. I had a little extra money at that point, and I ended up buying a car for him, that to this day, I regret, as it was too much power for an inexperienced driver. If I could go back in time, to that afternoon, I would not go down that road again. Jay ended up a year later, having a serious accident, going too fast on a dark country road, with no signage indicating a hairpin turn up ahead. He crashed in to the side of a mountain, and we lost him a few days later in hospital due to complications……a month before high school graduation. It has been 12 years now, but some days, it feels like yesterday.

My Beautiful Boy

(a poem I wrote about loss and grief)

They say time heals most every ache,

yet those that utter this have not loved and lost,

or this judgment, they would dare not make.

We take for granted life will be sweet,

if we do our best and help our fellow man,

the pendulum of sorrow…it’s ruthless blade, we would not meet.

I know of the grief of which I speak,

for one bright spring day,

darkness came and knew the devastation it would wreak.

He was my life, my heart, my living joy,

and all who knew us, would not disagree.

He was my son…my beautiful boy.

His bright smile and quiet ways,

are missed by so many,

through the endless, sorrowful days.

Time does ONE thing, I have to concede.

There is no stopping its relentless pursuit of the next moment,

no matter the hurt, or how much we bleed.


Written in memory of My Beautiful Boy, Jason Drew (Sept 27, 1985 – May 14, 2003)


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