Welcome to Jay and Paintball’s website !


We are excited and happy you are here for the launch of the cartoon adventures of Jay and Paintball!

The eBook is available on Amazon here

  “Paintball the Parent Parrot”

 This also includes selected black and white pictures located at the back of the book, which can be printed, for those who like coloring!!

The book opens with how the idea came about for Paintball, and gives a brief description of the characters. There is also an introduction to our illustrator, Cody Chancellor, who managed to magically bring our characters  to life!

We are planning on continuing the storyline with upcoming eBooks, as I am already writing the next group of adventures. One scenario will include how Paintball actually arrived at the pet store, being along for the plane ride when Jay takes up flying lessons, and Jay’s first kick at the dating game. Paintball may also share some of her experiences on the other side!

No matter what, you can bet that Paintball will always throw her opinions and comments in to any and every situation, of course!

So, thanks again for checking out our website and if the spirit moves you, please feel free to leave feedback  and comments here and at Amazon when done reading the book! Thank You.

Sharing your own experiences are always welcome, and if you have an idea for an adventure for Jay and Paintball, please feel free to share and it may show up in an upcoming edition!

Cheerio, Cheri Jensen (forever Jay’s mom!)